Detailing Nation

Is a company founded by two friends, located in Portland, Oregon, but with its roots in Miami, Florida. After working for long periods in car detailing workshops, they decide to start their own company and deliver you the best quality in service for your car.

The team is conformed by a distinguished group of professionals that distribute themselves by their specialties on a daily basis. The responsibility and degree of knowledge of this team shouldn’t be unnoticed, regarding the work procedures, backed up by their accumulated experience and preparations.

Oswaldo Cordero is the director, and he’s always willing to listen to the opinions from the personnel regarding the company. The decision making process is shared, since Oswaldo also consults with his associate Alejandro Lebuy.

The Mission that defines Detailing Nation is; being a leading company in automotive maintenance, recognized by the quality of their services and the security of their procedures, being capable of evolving alongside the market’s products, with the intention to always be up to date and quickly adapt to the ever growing detailing world.

Our company vision.
Elevate our sales 75% in the next 3 years, and become the number one detailing company in the state, making standards out of our procedures and improving the quality of the services given to our customers.